Why Choose Riley’s Remodeling

A home remodel should not be stressful. We make sure that you know what to expect and are aware of any changes that may occur along the way.

We create a schedule and stick to it! We add in a few extra days throughout the original scope, so that if the inevitable, “unexpected” happens, it doesn’t affect the important scheduled items and/or the completion date.

Steve keeps you in the loop! He will update you daily with a phone call, email or text regarding the daily status of your project. This daily update usually includes project status, schedule milestones + material deliveries, anything we have discovered in construction, any changes that might need to take place.

First we create, then design and then we provide detailed bids. We meticulously walk you through every step of your remodel before you award us your project. This helps avoid change orders which can be common in the construction industry. Therefore, the only change orders that occur are either due to: 1) Unforeseen conditions that are unknown before the project was started (I.E., something buried in the wall) 2) Additional scope of work that a client requested. (I.E., a design change.)

Steve will schedule a final job walk with you to ensure all parties are happy with the end result. A follow-up site visit will be set-up after completion. This would be a “quality control” meeting to identify any issues that sometimes arise after you “move back in.”

In summary, effective communication reduces delays, saves money and fosters mutual understanding of desires and expectations. We pride ourselves in making sure our clients know the status of the project every step of the way and if they do have questions or concerns, they enjoy timely responses in a straightforward and courteous manner.

We carry a level of commitment that extends beyond the project to the community and the environment. Durability and sustainability have much in common. We pursue an unwavering commitment to quality that has resulted in structures that will stand the test of time—a hallmark of our work that minimizes environmental impact and increases sustainability.

We have always taken a forward-thinking approach to home heating and cooling, and continue to stay on the forefront of energy-efficient technology and building practices. From the super high-efficiency of heat pump technology to low-emissivity windows to insulated structural slabs, we look for every opportunity to make your home as efficient as it is comfortable.

Where and when possible, we will source, or offer as an option, lumber that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Materials are ordered with an eye to minimizing waste, and our crews are trained to use and recycle materials responsibly.