Half Moon Bay Home Revival

Painting the home, adding new windows and updating the landscape aren’t the only ways to improve a home’s exterior. An often overlooked home improvement, installing new siding dramatically changes your home’s appearance.

In the past there weren’t many siding options to choose from, leaving homeowners few choices besides the often unattractive vinyl siding. But today there are a wide variety of options available, including much improved vinyl options, not to mention metal, wood, stone and stucco.

This particular project was a challenge in that this home’s oceanside location made the selection of siding, materials and sealants a little more challenging and unique than the typical solution.

This home was built was 30 years ago and still had its original redwood vertical lap siding with an artisan’s idea of standard construction of the time. Keep in mind this home is only 400 yards from the Pacific Ocean, enduring the seasonal weather from beating sun and heat to 60MPH winds, howling storms, and blowing sand. This siding took a 30 year beating and badly needed a refresh that was not only weatherproof but attractive as well.

The homeowners wanted to keep the same vintage look yet renew the beauty their home as well as build a stronger exterior shell protecting them from the oceanside elements. In keeping with the historical look and feel of the homes in the neighborhood, we needed to figure out a way to reproduce this look using materials that would last another 30/40 years as well as keep within the homeowner’s budget.

Riley’s Remodeling & Design’s remedy was to remove and replace all of the old and tattered vertical heart redwood from the existing structure. (The old stuff literally looked like a good neighbor fence built out of 1x12s with 1 layer of 30lb felt!)

After many revisions and discussions with the homeowner about the wood to be used, the color, overall finished look and feel, RR came up with using clear 5/8” marine grade mahogany with 1×8 b-heart redwood battons (16 on center).

The homeowner also had a very special color they wanted to achieve. This color was, of course, a custom mix of two colors – percentages of each that needed to be consistent on each vertical so as not look hodge-podge. We spent many hours custom coloring the mahogany to resemble the old redwood. Very successfully, I might add! We literally custom stained each board that went up using a water-based color/stain material that would dry in the coastal humidity.

Other things we did to achieve the beautiful outcome of this project:

  • Replaced all windows with new custom Milgard window and doors
  • Added 5/8”mahogany plywood shear wall where there was none prior
  • Upgraded all the insulation
  • Tyvek wrapped the entire structure
  • Installed a colorful front door and garage door (garage door was custom made with mahogany as well, stained to match the house)
  • Built new brick entrance way with a custom landing
  • Constructed 2 new TREX decks with Feeney cable railing systems
  • Complete new roof with copper gutters and downspouts
  • Decorative finishing touches like copper rain chain and basins
  • Custom made mailbox mimicking the house design

This renovation was a challenge, for sure. However, this particular client (Nina and Jay Feero) made our work a pleasure and assisted with the creative touches and decisions. I also wanted to add, that Nina Feero always had freshly baked cookies upon our departure each day. Very much a treat!